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Real estate management is a “people” industry, and we employ the finest people in the business. At Coast Property Management, no matter the position or job title, each member of our team contributes to our overall mission of providing unparalleled services for our clients and superior homes and storage space for residents and commercial tenants. We owe our excellence to our people and how much we value each other as colleagues. That’s why our employees say they are proud to work at Coast, a company that knows how home should feel.

JOHN MAIHOFER, Chief Executive Officer at Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington

John Maihofer

Chief Executive Officer

John is responsible for the daily operations at Coast. He joined the Coast Group of Companies in 2016 after spending 15 years in banking, where he held various sales and leadership roles. His industry and community service roles have included Association of Corporate Growth (ACG – Seattle Chapter), Associated General Contractors of Washington (AGC – Seattle Chapter), Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP – Washington State), and numerous volunteer hours at local nonprofits.

SUSAN STRATTON, Chief Operating Officer at Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington

Susan Stratton

Chief Operating Officer

Susan is an experienced real estate executive with expertise in and passion for stewardship of her clients' properties and leading management teams. Throughout her 25 years in the industry, she has consistently responded to changing market conditions, maintaining above-market performance, and driving value. Susan holds vast experience in oversight of corporate functions such as marketing, training, software implementation, accounting, risk management, and strategic planning.

Lynette Jacobson, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington

Lynette Jacobson

Chief Administrative Officer 

Lynette comes with 23 years of industry and Coast experience. She oversees the Human Resources Department, Training, Recruiting, Risk Management, IT and Administrative Operations teams. She has developed Coast's processes and procedures to run efficient and effective departments and managed multiple software conversions for updated technology. Lynette teaches college level property management curriculum, which has produced top of the industry graduates. 

Humble Start

In 1987, Tom Hoban, Chairman, and his brother, Shawn Hoban, CEO, came together around the idea that property management services could be done differently and molded in their own family values. At the time, Shawn was finishing college and Tom had started a career in banking, but it wasn’t until Tom began working directly in property management and Shawn in sales that their vision became a reality and they decided to act. On October 23, 1987, Coast was born.

The brothers had one big problem in those early days: They had no money. With only a plunger, a pick-up truck, and a remarkable commitment to each other, they forged ahead, building the company by themselves brick by brick.

Their core values and commitment to each other attracted others of like mind. Over time, the Coast brand became synonymous with selflessness and commitment to excellence in the real estate field. Even today, those core values have never changed and live on in a company many times bigger and more influential than either of the brothers dreamed of in those early years.

“Starting out with a dream and an idea but with next to no resources turned out to be foundational to who we are today,” says Shawn. “There isn’t a job in this business we haven’t done ourselves, so we have a deep appreciation for the contribution everyone makes to the organization and a get-it-done attitude.” Tom sees it similarly, “In many ways, Coast is a reflection of our family values of hard work, selflessness, and commitment to each other. Those are universal values, it turns out, shared by many other tremendous people who call themselves Coasties.”

Tom Hoban, chairman of Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington
Shawn Hoban, cofounder of Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington
Exterior of a property owned by Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington
Exterior of a commercial building owned by Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington
Bright living area at one of our properties at Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington
Storage space owned by Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington
Aerial view of Coast Property Management in Everett, Washington